Euro Motorcars Germantown is supporting Manna Food Center in Gaithersburg in our 1st Annual Holiday Food Drive. This year, more than ever, our community is relying on organizations like Manna to provide food for those in need and we hope that you will join us with compassion in action. We are proud to support this cause during the month of December as so many of our neighbors are struggling. 

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday.... Today, Euro Motorcars Germantown is making the commitment to match every non-perishable food item that you drop off at our dealership until December 31st, 2020. Every customer who donates three items will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a full detail. So check your pantry, ask your neighbor or friend if they have an extra can of food or box of pasta and let's make this the "Season of Giving" together.  Food security is the basics of every family and the need is overwhelming!

Here is how it works:
Drop of 1 item and we'll match 1.
Drop of 3 items and we'll match 3 and enter you for a chance to win.
Drop of 6 items and we'll match 6 and enter you for a chance to win twice... etc

Click here for the Manna Food Center list of the most needed items.

Please drop off your items at the Showroom Reception and enter your name into our drawing. 

Thank you from all of us here at Euro Motorcars Germantown. We are grateful for your support of our business over the years and wish you a healthy and joyous December.

1200 Ă— 800

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