Collision Center

To speak to a representative please call: (888) 220-9154
Our new facility is just minutes away, conveniently located next to White Flint Mall at 5511 Nicholson Lane in North Bethesda. This location is serviced by Enterprise Rent a Car and is within two blocks of the White Flint Metro Station. If you wish, we can provide shuttle service to and from the Metro.
When dropping off and picking up your vehicle at our state of the art facility you will have the opportunity to meet with your Repair Manager to discuss your needs, review the repairs when they are completed, and if needed, even speak with the technician that worked on your vehicle.

We are one of only two certified Mercedes-Benz shops in the DC metro Area

We specialize in repairing all Makes and Models of Luxury vehicles

No Appointment Needed

We will walk you through each step of the insurance claim step by step.

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It's true. We take collision repair seriously-every vehicle that leaves our shop takes our reputation with it. That's why we believe in doing the job right the first time, every time.

With a vehicle as unique and special as your Mercedes-Benz, why take a chance on anything less? While the vehicle owner may elect to have collision repair or paint work performed by any automotive body repair establishment. Damage or malfunctions caused by body repairs not performed in accordance with Mercedes-Benz specified repair procedures or otherwise not properly performed, are not covered by the Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Limited Warranty and may cause the car to not perform as originally designed in a subsequent collision to the repaired area.

Having your car repaired at a non-certified Mercedes-Benz repair facility may also result in additional charges at lease turn in.

You can be sure that Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Centers offer:

  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Replacement Parts for the exact fit and of exceptional quality
  • Mercedes-Benz-approved equipment, including all tools, parts, and paint
  • A dedicated fixture bench developed exclusively from Mercedes-Benz blueprints so that repairs are made with assembly-line accuracy
  • Technicians with up-to-date, advanced skills and training
  • Manufacturer-approved repair methods that help ensure the structural integrity of your car is restored to pre-loss condition
For more on Mercedes-Benz standards of repair visit

Almost every Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus and Maserati has an aluminum inner structure and or body parts. Add to this list the Range Rovers, Porsche and just about any other luxury car, and you're sure to find something aluminum in the repair process. With the recent rise in fuel prices, manufacturers have utilized more aluminum than ever before because of its fuel efficiency.

So when these cars require repairs, who can fix them? The tools are specialized and very expensive. As are the conditions under which the work is performed. Because Euro Motorcars Collision has the Car-bench required and repair area for aluminum repairs, we can accommodate these types of repairs. We aggressively send our technicians to the training and purchase the tools needed in order to remain on top of the collision repair industry.