To Our Courtesy Car Customers

EuroMotorcars Germantown offers complimentary shuttle service which is operated within a 5 mile radius of the dealership.


Our dealership provides Mercedes-Benz courtesy vehicles for scheduled service or repair appointments which will require more than 2 hours. No loaners are provided for collision or insurance work.


Due the size of our courtesy vehicle fleet we are not able to accommodate walk-in customers with courtesy vehicles.


Courtesy vehicles cannot be given to friends, co-workers, relatives, etc and the driver has to be at least 21 years of age (as required by our insurance carrier).


At the time of loaner vehicle pick-up, customers are required to provide their service advisor or the team member who is writing up the courtesy vehicle with a valid driver's license, verification of a valid comprehensive collision and liability (full coverage) auto insurance coverage as well as a major credit card to cover incidental charges.


As the driver of a courtesy vehicle, customers are responsible for the following:


·        Any damage that may occur to the courtesy vehicle while in their care. Please remember to inspect the Mercedes-Benz courtesy vehicle with your service advisor prior to leaving the dealership. Damage should be recorded by the service advisor. The courtesy vehicle will be inspected at the time of return.


·        We ask our customers to refuel the courtesy vehicle to the same level it was when it left the dealership. If our team has to refuel the vehicle, $7.00 per gallon will be charged to the credit card on file.

·        Please remember to take your EZ-Pass when you are driving the courtesy vehicle. Any tolls, parking and traffic violations will be charged to the credit card on file.


·        Please do not smoke in our courtesy vehicles. If the vehicle is returned with a strong smell due to cigarettes, vaping devices or otherwise, we will charge the credit card on file for detailing in the amount of $300.


·        Please be mindful when driving with your pet in the car. Should the loaner vehicle be returned dirty, i.e. dirty seats, pet hair covering the seats, etc, we will charge the credit card on file for detailing in the amount of $300.


·        Vehicles may be driven 100 miles per calendar day and are limited to a 75-mile radius from the dealership. The dealership will charge an additional $0.25 per mile for all miles driven per day and/or driven beyond the radius. All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices to allow the dealer at its discretion to receive data pertaining to the vehicle while in customer's possession, including location data.


·        Vehicles are due back within 12 hours of notification that the vehicle is ready in order to avoid a $82.50 per day late fee which will otherwise be added to your repair order. Please make sure to check your voicemail or text messages for notifications.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Our ability to properly serve the next client is dependent upon timely return of the courtesy vehicle.